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PEP Creative started with props and scenery and we still have a large inventory of it today. We can literally change a venue into anything you can imagine! Across the years we have created an amazing inventory of props and scenery and we still can find new props to shuffle in for our clients. What is truly the best value for our customers is that we can bring in just a few touches to an event and it changes the look completely!

arch-stucco-courtyard-wall arch-stucco-courtyard-wall sets-art-deco-columns art-deco-columns facade-bobs-bait-and-tackle facade-bobs-bait-and-tackle mels-diner mels-diner mercado mercado lighthouse-on-coronado-terrace lighthouse-on-coronado-terrace mexican-bell-tower mexican-bell-tower mexican-bell-tower-large mexican-bell-tower-large art-deco-plexi-boxes art-deco-plexi-boxes sets-chameleon chameleon stage-shipwreck stage-shipwreck

*We have many more items available and are always updating our inventory.
Please contact us for a complete list of PEP available items and catalogs!

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