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linen :: sheers

What better way to make a statement than with an elegant linen? At PEP Creative we strive to give you the most options in the most unique fabrics. We custom make our own linen inventory and choose only the most interesting fabrics to allow you and your guests to be amazed!

sheers-bali bali sheers-black-and-ivory-henna-paisley black-and-ivory-henna-paisley sheers-black-and-white-henna-paisley black-and-white-henna-paisley sheers-black-lace black-lace sheers-black-sparkle-lace black-sparkle-lace sheers-blue-hawaii blue-hawaii sheers-blue-hologram blue-hologram sheers-blue-mosaic-burn-out blue-mosaic-burn-out sheers-burgundy-ivy-chile burgundy-ivy-chile sheers-burgundy-tapestry burgundy-tapestry sheers-cheetah cheetah coral-eden cranberry-stripe fuschia-sahara gold-eternity-stripe gold-sahara gold-scroll green-jungle leopard nirvana orange-moroccan-nights orange-with-velvet-border palm pewter-sahara pistachio-eternity-stripe red-eternity-stripe red-hologram red-mosaic-burn-out red-sahara silver-eternity-stripe silver-net silver-sahara watercolor-dot white-diamond white-flutter white-madison white-shimmer-sparkle white-swiss-dot zebra

*We have many more items available and are always updating our inventory.
Please contact us for a complete list of PEP available items and catalogs!

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