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The new Special Event is all about the "vibe" and what better way to give that to your guests than with a comfortable furniture setting? We incorporate the look of our furniture lines with the overall look of the event – it's a planned marriage that creates the most cohesive look for your event. We don't "piece meal" our furniture with the event, we custom create the look for you.

lounge-chair-aristocrat-silver aristocrat-silver-chair lounge-chair-barcelona-black barcelona-black lounge-chair-barcelona-white barcelona-white lounge-chair-black-suede black-suede lounge-chair-brown-leather brown-leather lounge-chairs-burlap burlap lounge-chair-forge forge-chair lounge-chair-newport newport lounge-chair-soriano-mint soriano-mint-chair lounge-chair-soriano-gray soriano-gray-chair

*We have many more items available and are always updating our inventory.
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